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FriendsGiving: FOR US, BY US

What is FriendsGiving?

FriendsGiving was created to connect with people in our community who battle loneliness and hopelessness during the Thanksgiving holiday. We started in 2014 in the seating area of Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings coffee shop and fed and connected with more than 200 people. Over the years, we connected with more than 1,000 people in the Auburn area, offering food and friendship.

It's County Wide!

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, we saw an opportunity to extend this event into other communities in the county as a carryout meal. We partnered with organizations in Butler, Waterloo, Ashley, and Garrett and were able to connect with more than 900 people! In 2021, we added a combined site for St. Joe and Spencerville, and all our locations will be hosting in-person sit-down meals! We connected with more than 1,500 people last year!


What's New This Year?

This year, we are trying something totally new with FriendsGiving...we are moving it to the night before Thanksgiving! This is an event for the entire community, and we realized that hosting the meal on Thanksgiving Day made it hard for those who have family get togethers to join in the fun. So, we are trying something new. Join us the night before Thanksgiving and celebrate the season, food, and community! Who knows? You might make a friend who has no one to spend Thanksgiving Day with and invite them to your family get together!

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